Friday, February 20, 2015

Best shoes for Summer?

Today I thought I'd write about shoes for the Summertime. Now, England is notoriously bad for the weather but when summer does eventually come I want to be prepared with some lovely shoes. My question is, what shoes are best for Summer?? Looking back at past summers I remember wearing brogues (which I still do like) but they aren't particularly good for warm weather. The most recent trend would have been Summer 2014's jelly shoes. Love or hate them, they are back! I personally love them, but they are not great if it rains as they are similar to standard sandals.

Finding shoes during the winter is so easy for me as I love wearing boots and I sometimes wear trainers (I've lived in my new balance this winter), but I find it much more difficult to find shoes that are breathable but also comfortable.

These are a few pieces I found that I thought might be good for the summertime:

These loafers are quite pretty and a feminine touch on a rather masculine style. These are perfectly fine to wear sockless so you can pair with a pretty skirt or dress. Find them here from Littlewoods. £32

These are the perfect jelly shoes for the summer as white will go with anything. You can find these here from Schuh. For £20 or you can find them pretty much anywhere else, everywhere sell them!

Espadrilles have never really been my style and I have never actually owned a pair myself. However these are a lovely colour and are from one of my favourite stores Whistles. Find them here. on sale for just £25!

Again from Whistles, these are gorgeous sling back sandals! They are black so some people probably wouldn't want to wear these in the summer but I certainly would as I wear black all year round. I love them but they come at a price of £185. Find them here.

These are my absolute favourite finds for the summer! They are pastel blue brogues with flower detail. They also come in black, white and pastel pink. I'm definitely going to have to make a purchase especially as they are only £19.99 from Newlook! Find them here.

What are you favourite shoes to wear in the summer? Do you like any of these? If so, which are your favourites? Please give me some other ideas what to purchase for myself for the summer!
Thanks for reading, 

Abiee x

Abiee Lucas

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coats I'm loving this season

Although winter is going to come to and end in a matter of weeks it's still going to remain chilly here in the UK so I wanted to talk about the coats that I have been loving this season.


One of my favourite all time styles in general I love baggy clothing and coats are no exception. I have seen increasing amounts of coats in this style over the last couple of years and not only do they look great but they feel so comfortable. Also more fabric, in theory, means more warmth. Some of my favourite oversized coats I've seen are camel coloured.


More of an androgynous look the pea coat has a slightly more masculine cut - which i love. This particular coat is softened by the feminine blush pink colour. I believe a peacoat looks good over anything!

Rain Mac

Making a come-back is the Rain Mac which I am yet to try myself but I'm loving the look at the moment. They are especially useful in this country as we have so much rain! I love the colour of this mac I think I may have to make a purchase. It also comes in baby pink. If you want to spend a little more money check out Rains a brand that produces excellent quality, beautiful raincoats. 


I actually think this style of coat might be the biggest coat trend this season I have seen so many people wearing these and so many on sale everywhere. I absolutely love this style of coat but unfortunately I am not the tallest of girls so I think the length of them might drown me but I think they look so good on other people! 

Which coat style is your favourite? Have you been sporting any of these this season? Thanks for reading!

Abiee x

Abiee Lucas

Monday, February 16, 2015

Property prices in London compared with the rest of England

I've seen a couple of articles like this before on various websites highlighting the extreme difference between house prices between London and the rest of England. I wanted to do this mainly so hear what you think about it! This subject doesn't exactly fit into the style of my blog but It was on my mind as I would love to move to London one day but it is just so expensive.

All of this information I gathered myself from Rightmove.

For the vast majority of us £2million is a lot of money, so you would expect to get a lot for it, correct? For that price in London it gets you a 2 bedroom flat in Colville Square. It's a beautiful, modern and clean flat, one that I don't think anybody would turn there nose up at. However, it's not much for your money in comparison to what I found next..
You can find this flat here.

I had a look around the website and discovered that for exactly the same price £2million you can get a 5 bedroom mansion in Derby that comes with a marble staircase, library and huge indoor heated pool. You can find this property here.

I did a bit of searching for anywhere in London for under £100,000 even though I knew this was a long-shot. All I could seem to find were parking and garages. So for £65,000 you can buy a garage in London. You can find that here.

In comparison I found a decent 3 bedroom terraced house in Birkenhead, Merseyside for slightly more £65,950. It is fitted with a clean, modern kitchen. You can find it here.

Now this comparison might be a little unfair because I have seen some much nicer properties for the same price, however this was mainly to highlight how overpriced it was. I found this 3 bedroom flat in Bethnal Green for £425,000, which you can find here.

In Gainsborough, Lincolnshire you can buy a large 6 bedroom house with its own theatre, courtyard even comes with 3 stables. This was the biggest shock comparison for me. You can find this property here.

This post may seem very biased, however I am well aware of why the property prices are the way they are as it is the capital and a very sought after place. Also if the prices were too cheap London would have a massive over population problem so you really have to look at it that way. For people like me though who dream of living there one day and being where everything is happening and all the big opportunities are, it doesn't leave us much hope. I would really like to know what you think on this topic so please leave a comment below. Do you think these prices are ridiculous or do you think they are very fair for where they are? Do you live in London and wish you could have more for you money or are you completely satisfied? Do you want to move to London some day or do you fear you'll never be able to afford it? Thanks so much for reading!

Abiee x

Abiee Lucas

Sunday, February 15, 2015

50 Shades of Grey Clothes

I thought I'd write a little something about the type of fashion I wear. Apart from loving the laid back baggy look I'm quite particular with the colours that I wear. They mainly consist of black, black, black, grey, black.. oh and black. I think the only colours that I will ever really venture out to would be navy or perhaps a dark green but in general I love to wear dark clothes. Now I see this as perfectly acceptable in the Winter, but when it comes to Summer I'm screwed! I literally think I own one item of clothing that is white and I have no current plans to change that as I think I would feel extremely self conscious if I did.

I am aware of the current 'all black' trend and I am loving it. It not only looks great but it feels like a mask hiding all the areas of my body that I hate leaving them in the shadows. It is a general rule that dark clothes are more flattering, correct? However last summer I continued to wear a lot of black and I had many people comment saying 'aren't you boiling wearing all black in this heat?' and my answer? 'yes.' But I like it! I just like wearing dark clothes. Maybe I am just used to seeing myself in dark clothing and wearing light colours just look alien in comparison. Like when you have long hair and cut it short or when someone has braces for years and get them taken off; it just looks weird! I'm not used to it. Maybe I would get used to lighter colours if I just gave it a go? I may start slowly integrating lighter colours into my outfits so come summer I'm not sweating in a black jumper! (I'm just kidding I wouldn't really wear a jumper in Summer).

For now though I am loving wearing all black I think if you do it right it can look fabulous without making you look like a goth - unless that's your style.

What do you think about wearing dark clothes all the time? Would you wear black in the Summer? I'm interested to hear your opinion.

Abiee x

Image from Tumblr
Image from Pinterest.

Abiee Lucas

Boyhood Review

I had heard SO much about Boyhood that it made me so desperate to watch it, even more so that our cinema hadn't shown it when it was released. I was in luck when it was announced that it had won best drama motion picture at the Golden Globes and it was announced it was nominated for Oscars, this is because when a film sparks this much interest the cinema simply can't not show it because they know people are going to want to come and watch it. I really didn't know what to expect from this film. All I knew of it was that it was filmed over 12 years from when the boy was 5 years old to when he turned 18.

I sat down to watch the movie with a few of my friends who were also eagerly anticipating it. It begins as promised when the boy, Mason, (played by Ellar Coltrane) is 5 years old and shows his life with his sister Samantha (played by Lorelei Linklater, who is the director's daughter) and his mother Olivia (played by Patricia Arquette). The years go by quite quickly and a lot of the time I didn't notice a year had gone by. What I did notice throughout the film was that it didn't have so much of an actual story line which is very different to any other film I've ever seen as they typically have a beginning, something bad happens in the middle and a conclusion in the end. This film didn't quite follow that pattern and I quite liked it as the film was supposed to portray a real life. It certainly was a 'what you see is what you get' kind of film as it truely was just a boy living his childhood. There were ups and there were downs just like my life and your life. It wasn't over the top or unbelievable; it was relatable, truthful and thought provoking.

One thing that was brought to my attention was that I felt there was a lot more attention brought on Mason's sister and, well, everyone but him. I then realised that we are watching the story of a boy's life through his eyes. We saw what he saw and we felt what he felt.

Boyhood is a long film with a running time of 166 minutes so not for the impatient and if you are looking for an action packed film with a heavy plot then this isn't the film for you - but how else are you going to fit 12 years into a short space of time? It made me think about my own life, how have I grown and changed? If I go down a certain route how will it alter my future? Was I born the way I am or was it the people I grew up? A whole array of questions came to mind.

Looking at the production side of things, what a masterpiece! Linklater managed to find to find a group of people that committed to filming for a couple of days every year but without getting paid for 12 years! (At least I think that was the deal). It must have been all worth it though when he put it all together to see the transformation of a boy become a young man. The beauty of it is that it has never been done before! I doubt we will ever see another film of its kind - unless someone decides to film someone over 20 years.. but I guess we won't see that for a long time.

All in all this film is a fantastic concept, written beautifully, acted immensely (brilliant performance from Arquette) and a thought provoking wonder! It was a delight and a privilege to watch this and the actors and director should be very proud! Bravo Richard Linklater!

My rating:

Abiee Lucas

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bad Luck

I'm not usually a superstitious person, but considering we just had a Friday the 13th I've sure been having some bad luck. So I recently recovered from a corneal ulcer. If you don't know what that is feel free to watch my videos where I talk about it here and here. I woke up on Friday morning with a bright red eye and extremely itchy which is a big symptom that it might have returned.... "great." I said to myself with immense sarcasm. I tried to book myself in at specsavers to get it checked out... no appointments.. of course. So they directed me to go straight to my GP. Thankfully they had 1 appointment left that day so I went and my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics. You'd think that would be all fine and dandy, but because I am a clumsy idiot I went and LOST IT! Yes.. 5 minutes from walking out with a prescription I manage to lose it. Excellent Abiee. So I then go through the lengthy ordeal of getting another one and considering it was 7:30 on a Friday evening it was quite difficult; but I managed to get one at the hospital. So all in all Friday was a rollercoaster but ended fine. I wake up Saturday morning, Valentine's day and the whole day goes swimmingly well. I was looking forward to a dinner reservation my boyfriend Charles and I had booked for a while at a French restaurant called Le Truc. I got ready and dolled myself up ready to go out when I find out all the trains had been cancelled. I would have driven but I had no idea where I was going and it was too short notice to plan my route and car parking. What a bummer! Charles had lost his deposit at the restaurant and we were left disappointed, however we don't need a fancy restaurant to have fun. We decided to brush it off and spend a cosy night in watching the box set of Bates Motel (if you haven't seen it you are definitely missing out!!) and eating a takeaway pizza, which granted it was far cheaper than if we had gone to Le Truc. So this also was a bit of bad luck but we turned it around. But what really pi***d me off was when I was driving Charles home the engine warning light in my car had starting coming on. This is when I had realised bad luck was definitely following me as I have taken my car in to be fixed 3 times in the past 2 weeks already which has already cost a grand total of £350. And the worst thing about it is I can't get it booked in for another week as I am at work every day this week. (I am also a student and this week is supposed to be our week off but I am working every day so no day off for me!) So I decided the best way to deal with being upset is to talk about it so I am opening up on my blog. In times like these though I do feel extremely guilty for getting upset at small things like these as I do acknowledge that there are so many people in the world that are suffering much more horrible situations that make my problems look absolutely minuscule. I recognise these annoying situations as "first world problems". We all get bouts of bad luck now and again though and I think it's perfectly normal to feel down from time to time. I am going to wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to start a new day and send out positive energy in the belief that it will be returned. If any of you are suffering right now however big or small your problem is I urge you to do the same :) Have a wonderful day and enjoy these bad luck cats.

Abiee Lucas

Abiee x

Smock Dresses

I'm unsure how long smock dresses have been about (of this style anyway) but over the past year I have spotted a growing amount of them pop up on the high street. As a dress lover myself I absolutely adore them! Personally I really hate my arms they are something I am constantly trying to cover so sleeves are a feature I look for in a dress. Other features consist of comfort (soft, 'flowy' fabrics), not too tight as I love wearing baggy clothes, cinched in waist and most importantly.. the length! I need my dresses to be quite short because I am, how I like to call, vertically challenged. I am a proud member of the short girls club standing at 5ft 2inches. This is why I like my dresses to be on the shorter side so I'm not drowned in material! So put all of these attributes together and what do you get? A smock dress! "Where can I get a smock dress?" I hear you say. My favourite websites that are currently selling them are ASOS, Missguided and Boohoo. If you want to spend a little more money I recently came across a website called thewhitepepper  which also has some lovely little smock dresses. One of which is on my 'Currently Loving' section. I have a few now; my favourites are from Missguided, they are exactly the same except one is red and one is blue. I love them because they are a velvet material and they are super flattering for my body shape. Not to mention they are a perfect length! Although I see more and more crop up I would definitely like the trend to be pushed further in order to get a hold of more of a variety of them especially as summer is coming up. I'm hoping we see more!
These are a few of my favourite finds.

find this here for £55
    find this here for £21.50
 find this here for £15

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Having somewhat of a distant greek ancestry myself I have always been inclined to visit Greece at some point, however not once have I been. Every year around this time where Christmas is over and I'm bored of winter I look forward to seeing a bit of sun, so out come the holiday brochures and I find myself spending hours trawling through holiday packages and deals that seem too good to be true; just to feel a bit of that 'holiday feeling'. During my research into holidays I was very drawn to the island of Santorini for its beautiful blue surrounding ocean and its interesting white and blue architecture. I can definitely see myself spending a week or two there! I've been obsessed with gawping at picture after picture of this place on Pinterest and Tumblr and it's only making my craving worse. Just look at how stunning it is! My only problem? Money. Not enough of the stuff. This year I'm definitely after an all inclusive holiday and have almost saved up enough for a pretty more than decent get away, however, it seems holidaying in Santorini is slightly out of my budget for now for the holiday I want. If I wanted to go self catering I'm pretty sure there are lots of cheaper deals but I think I will leave that to another time! For now I want to indulge in the luxury of all inclusive - that I have never experienced. Let me know what you think. Would you like to visit Santorini? Have you visited before? Is All inclusive all it's cracked up to be? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Abiee x