Sunday, February 15, 2015

50 Shades of Grey Clothes

I thought I'd write a little something about the type of fashion I wear. Apart from loving the laid back baggy look I'm quite particular with the colours that I wear. They mainly consist of black, black, black, grey, black.. oh and black. I think the only colours that I will ever really venture out to would be navy or perhaps a dark green but in general I love to wear dark clothes. Now I see this as perfectly acceptable in the Winter, but when it comes to Summer I'm screwed! I literally think I own one item of clothing that is white and I have no current plans to change that as I think I would feel extremely self conscious if I did.

I am aware of the current 'all black' trend and I am loving it. It not only looks great but it feels like a mask hiding all the areas of my body that I hate leaving them in the shadows. It is a general rule that dark clothes are more flattering, correct? However last summer I continued to wear a lot of black and I had many people comment saying 'aren't you boiling wearing all black in this heat?' and my answer? 'yes.' But I like it! I just like wearing dark clothes. Maybe I am just used to seeing myself in dark clothing and wearing light colours just look alien in comparison. Like when you have long hair and cut it short or when someone has braces for years and get them taken off; it just looks weird! I'm not used to it. Maybe I would get used to lighter colours if I just gave it a go? I may start slowly integrating lighter colours into my outfits so come summer I'm not sweating in a black jumper! (I'm just kidding I wouldn't really wear a jumper in Summer).

For now though I am loving wearing all black I think if you do it right it can look fabulous without making you look like a goth - unless that's your style.

What do you think about wearing dark clothes all the time? Would you wear black in the Summer? I'm interested to hear your opinion.

Abiee x

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Abiee Lucas

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