Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bad Luck

I'm not usually a superstitious person, but considering we just had a Friday the 13th I've sure been having some bad luck. So I recently recovered from a corneal ulcer. If you don't know what that is feel free to watch my videos where I talk about it here and here. I woke up on Friday morning with a bright red eye and extremely itchy which is a big symptom that it might have returned.... "great." I said to myself with immense sarcasm. I tried to book myself in at specsavers to get it checked out... no appointments.. of course. So they directed me to go straight to my GP. Thankfully they had 1 appointment left that day so I went and my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics. You'd think that would be all fine and dandy, but because I am a clumsy idiot I went and LOST IT! Yes.. 5 minutes from walking out with a prescription I manage to lose it. Excellent Abiee. So I then go through the lengthy ordeal of getting another one and considering it was 7:30 on a Friday evening it was quite difficult; but I managed to get one at the hospital. So all in all Friday was a rollercoaster but ended fine. I wake up Saturday morning, Valentine's day and the whole day goes swimmingly well. I was looking forward to a dinner reservation my boyfriend Charles and I had booked for a while at a French restaurant called Le Truc. I got ready and dolled myself up ready to go out when I find out all the trains had been cancelled. I would have driven but I had no idea where I was going and it was too short notice to plan my route and car parking. What a bummer! Charles had lost his deposit at the restaurant and we were left disappointed, however we don't need a fancy restaurant to have fun. We decided to brush it off and spend a cosy night in watching the box set of Bates Motel (if you haven't seen it you are definitely missing out!!) and eating a takeaway pizza, which granted it was far cheaper than if we had gone to Le Truc. So this also was a bit of bad luck but we turned it around. But what really pi***d me off was when I was driving Charles home the engine warning light in my car had starting coming on. This is when I had realised bad luck was definitely following me as I have taken my car in to be fixed 3 times in the past 2 weeks already which has already cost a grand total of £350. And the worst thing about it is I can't get it booked in for another week as I am at work every day this week. (I am also a student and this week is supposed to be our week off but I am working every day so no day off for me!) So I decided the best way to deal with being upset is to talk about it so I am opening up on my blog. In times like these though I do feel extremely guilty for getting upset at small things like these as I do acknowledge that there are so many people in the world that are suffering much more horrible situations that make my problems look absolutely minuscule. I recognise these annoying situations as "first world problems". We all get bouts of bad luck now and again though and I think it's perfectly normal to feel down from time to time. I am going to wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to start a new day and send out positive energy in the belief that it will be returned. If any of you are suffering right now however big or small your problem is I urge you to do the same :) Have a wonderful day and enjoy these bad luck cats.

Abiee Lucas

Abiee x

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