Friday, February 20, 2015

Best shoes for Summer?

Today I thought I'd write about shoes for the Summertime. Now, England is notoriously bad for the weather but when summer does eventually come I want to be prepared with some lovely shoes. My question is, what shoes are best for Summer?? Looking back at past summers I remember wearing brogues (which I still do like) but they aren't particularly good for warm weather. The most recent trend would have been Summer 2014's jelly shoes. Love or hate them, they are back! I personally love them, but they are not great if it rains as they are similar to standard sandals.

Finding shoes during the winter is so easy for me as I love wearing boots and I sometimes wear trainers (I've lived in my new balance this winter), but I find it much more difficult to find shoes that are breathable but also comfortable.

These are a few pieces I found that I thought might be good for the summertime:

These loafers are quite pretty and a feminine touch on a rather masculine style. These are perfectly fine to wear sockless so you can pair with a pretty skirt or dress. Find them here from Littlewoods. £32

These are the perfect jelly shoes for the summer as white will go with anything. You can find these here from Schuh. For £20 or you can find them pretty much anywhere else, everywhere sell them!

Espadrilles have never really been my style and I have never actually owned a pair myself. However these are a lovely colour and are from one of my favourite stores Whistles. Find them here. on sale for just £25!

Again from Whistles, these are gorgeous sling back sandals! They are black so some people probably wouldn't want to wear these in the summer but I certainly would as I wear black all year round. I love them but they come at a price of £185. Find them here.

These are my absolute favourite finds for the summer! They are pastel blue brogues with flower detail. They also come in black, white and pastel pink. I'm definitely going to have to make a purchase especially as they are only £19.99 from Newlook! Find them here.

What are you favourite shoes to wear in the summer? Do you like any of these? If so, which are your favourites? Please give me some other ideas what to purchase for myself for the summer!
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Abiee Lucas

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