Sunday, February 15, 2015

Boyhood Review

I had heard SO much about Boyhood that it made me so desperate to watch it, even more so that our cinema hadn't shown it when it was released. I was in luck when it was announced that it had won best drama motion picture at the Golden Globes and it was announced it was nominated for Oscars, this is because when a film sparks this much interest the cinema simply can't not show it because they know people are going to want to come and watch it. I really didn't know what to expect from this film. All I knew of it was that it was filmed over 12 years from when the boy was 5 years old to when he turned 18.

I sat down to watch the movie with a few of my friends who were also eagerly anticipating it. It begins as promised when the boy, Mason, (played by Ellar Coltrane) is 5 years old and shows his life with his sister Samantha (played by Lorelei Linklater, who is the director's daughter) and his mother Olivia (played by Patricia Arquette). The years go by quite quickly and a lot of the time I didn't notice a year had gone by. What I did notice throughout the film was that it didn't have so much of an actual story line which is very different to any other film I've ever seen as they typically have a beginning, something bad happens in the middle and a conclusion in the end. This film didn't quite follow that pattern and I quite liked it as the film was supposed to portray a real life. It certainly was a 'what you see is what you get' kind of film as it truely was just a boy living his childhood. There were ups and there were downs just like my life and your life. It wasn't over the top or unbelievable; it was relatable, truthful and thought provoking.

One thing that was brought to my attention was that I felt there was a lot more attention brought on Mason's sister and, well, everyone but him. I then realised that we are watching the story of a boy's life through his eyes. We saw what he saw and we felt what he felt.

Boyhood is a long film with a running time of 166 minutes so not for the impatient and if you are looking for an action packed film with a heavy plot then this isn't the film for you - but how else are you going to fit 12 years into a short space of time? It made me think about my own life, how have I grown and changed? If I go down a certain route how will it alter my future? Was I born the way I am or was it the people I grew up? A whole array of questions came to mind.

Looking at the production side of things, what a masterpiece! Linklater managed to find to find a group of people that committed to filming for a couple of days every year but without getting paid for 12 years! (At least I think that was the deal). It must have been all worth it though when he put it all together to see the transformation of a boy become a young man. The beauty of it is that it has never been done before! I doubt we will ever see another film of its kind - unless someone decides to film someone over 20 years.. but I guess we won't see that for a long time.

All in all this film is a fantastic concept, written beautifully, acted immensely (brilliant performance from Arquette) and a thought provoking wonder! It was a delight and a privilege to watch this and the actors and director should be very proud! Bravo Richard Linklater!

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Abiee Lucas

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