Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coats I'm loving this season

Although winter is going to come to and end in a matter of weeks it's still going to remain chilly here in the UK so I wanted to talk about the coats that I have been loving this season.


One of my favourite all time styles in general I love baggy clothing and coats are no exception. I have seen increasing amounts of coats in this style over the last couple of years and not only do they look great but they feel so comfortable. Also more fabric, in theory, means more warmth. Some of my favourite oversized coats I've seen are camel coloured.


More of an androgynous look the pea coat has a slightly more masculine cut - which i love. This particular coat is softened by the feminine blush pink colour. I believe a peacoat looks good over anything!

Rain Mac

Making a come-back is the Rain Mac which I am yet to try myself but I'm loving the look at the moment. They are especially useful in this country as we have so much rain! I love the colour of this mac I think I may have to make a purchase. It also comes in baby pink. If you want to spend a little more money check out Rains a brand that produces excellent quality, beautiful raincoats. 


I actually think this style of coat might be the biggest coat trend this season I have seen so many people wearing these and so many on sale everywhere. I absolutely love this style of coat but unfortunately I am not the tallest of girls so I think the length of them might drown me but I think they look so good on other people! 

Which coat style is your favourite? Have you been sporting any of these this season? Thanks for reading!

Abiee x

Abiee Lucas


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