Saturday, February 14, 2015

Smock Dresses

I'm unsure how long smock dresses have been about (of this style anyway) but over the past year I have spotted a growing amount of them pop up on the high street. As a dress lover myself I absolutely adore them! Personally I really hate my arms they are something I am constantly trying to cover so sleeves are a feature I look for in a dress. Other features consist of comfort (soft, 'flowy' fabrics), not too tight as I love wearing baggy clothes, cinched in waist and most importantly.. the length! I need my dresses to be quite short because I am, how I like to call, vertically challenged. I am a proud member of the short girls club standing at 5ft 2inches. This is why I like my dresses to be on the shorter side so I'm not drowned in material! So put all of these attributes together and what do you get? A smock dress! "Where can I get a smock dress?" I hear you say. My favourite websites that are currently selling them are ASOS, Missguided and Boohoo. If you want to spend a little more money I recently came across a website called thewhitepepper  which also has some lovely little smock dresses. One of which is on my 'Currently Loving' section. I have a few now; my favourites are from Missguided, they are exactly the same except one is red and one is blue. I love them because they are a velvet material and they are super flattering for my body shape. Not to mention they are a perfect length! Although I see more and more crop up I would definitely like the trend to be pushed further in order to get a hold of more of a variety of them especially as summer is coming up. I'm hoping we see more!
These are a few of my favourite finds.

find this here for £55
    find this here for £21.50
 find this here for £15


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    1. Thank you very much! I'm a beginner at blogging but hopefully my blog will grow over time :) i checked your blog out and i love it! I followed you :) thanks for your comment! Xx


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