Thursday, March 05, 2015

Dealing with a cold

So it's coming to that time of year again where winter slowly starts turning into spring and one by one people start to come down with colds and flu from the changing weather. However, truth be told I get colds and flu all throughout the year. In fact I'm getting over a cold right now. I am so experienced with the annoying illness that I thought I'd share with you my tips on feeling better and getting over it quicker.

  • For me I always get a warning that I'm going to get sick as I get a strange tingly feeling/soreness right at the back of my nose/throat area. This is how I know to whip out the remedies. I'm a strong believer in prevention over cure so catching a cold/flu early can really help shorten the course. My favourite things to use are nasal sprays (beconase is the best you can buy this from most chemists. Also first defence is good.) This is also when I start to take lemsip either in tablet form or drink form. (The drinks are disgusting but I think they work better). These usually contain paracetamol so do not take paracetamol tablets while taking lemsip as overdosing can be extremely dangerous.
  • When you wake up in the morning and your nose is completely blocked make sure you are blowing your nose as much as possible and taking your nasal sprays as it says on the label. To relieve congestion consider taking decongestants such as sudafed. These are excellent for relieving sinus pressure also. Beware about taking these with other medications as sometimes they contain paracetamol. Always read the label before you take them!
  • Another way of helping a blocked nose is filling a large bowl of boiling hot water, adding drops of olbas oil and leaning over it with a towel over your head. Alternatively just smelling a tissue with drops of olbas oil inside will help.
  • Little evidence says this works but some find it helpful rubbing Vicks Vaporub on the soles of your feet and covering them with socks before you go to bed can help. However, rubbing it on my chest and a tiny bit under my nose always helps me!
  • Soothing a sore throat can be very difficult but the best ways I have found are sucking on Strepsils, gargling with warm salt water and sipping on hot water with lemon juice and honey. 
  • Throughout the whole course of the cold/flu you should be drinking as much water as you possibly can as this will help flush out the cold.
  • Avoid exercise if you can especially if you have a cough as this could make it worse. Try to rest and leave it until you are recovered.
  • If you have the flu and are suffering from "the shivvers" - something I get. Have a hot water bottle or warm wheat bag on hand to warm you up.
I hope these tips help you and get you feeling more yourself again. Leave a comment if you have any other tips on dealing with a cold.
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