Sunday, April 19, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Review

So a few weeks ago my friend Emily and I were wandering around Selfridges not looking for anything in particular when we found ourselves at the Charlotte Tilbury counter. I was instantly drawn to these beautiful Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils that come in 8 amazing shimmery shades. What I found was cool and something I hadn't seen much of before was that they suggest 2 shades each for your eye colour. They are: -

Blue eyes - Champagne Diamonds & Black Diamonds

Green eyes - Bronzed Garnet & Amethyst Aphrodisiac

Hazel eyes - Golden Quartz & Smokey Emerald

Brown eyes - Dark Pearl & Amber Haze

My eyes are a mix of blue and green, probably more on the blue side though so I chose my 2 favourites which were Champagne Diamonds and Bronzed Garnet. I was expecting them to come at a much bigger price but they were £19 each. Also I must add that the girls working at the counter were so friendly it just makes the whole experience so much easier and nicer!

Now for the review: These shadow sticks are simply incredible. Despite the slightly chunky glitter that is involved the formula of the shadow glides on effortlessly and feels so creamy and velvety. The two shades that I picked actually go so well together and blend into a lovely gradient across the eye. I used Champagne Diamonds in the inner corder, over the lid and on the lower lid in the inner corner. Then I placed Bronzed Garnet in the outer corner, in the crease and down on the lower lid on the outer corner, blended it together and smoked it out. One of the massive pro's to these are that they do not budge at all so I have worn this combination on a few nights out and they have lasted all night without creasing, transferring or rubbing off.

On the other hand there are some small problems I found with them. Although they don't budge, this can pose a problem with blending as they tend to set after 30 seconds of application so be sure to blend them as soon as you apply it to your lid. Another small problem is that they are not twist ups so you have to purchase a sharpener big enough to fit the pencils. I bought a cheap one from WHSmiths and they did not sharpen well at all. They are ofcourse still usable but it is so difficult to get them sharp-ish. However there is a sharpener you can purchase from Charlotte Tilbury for £5 that fits the pencils but I'm not sure if it is any better.

Overall the pros definitely outweigh the cons and I can't get enough of these pencils! I'm definitely going to have to make a few more purchases as I would like to get them all. Amber haze will be next on my list!

Have you tried these pencils? If so, what did you think of them? Or do you think you will be purchasing one of these?

Thanks for reading,

Abiee x

Abiee Lucas

Monday, April 13, 2015

Festival Pieces

It's that time of year again! I myself will not be attending any festivals this year as I don't think I could handle not showering for a few days!.. But I know lots of you will be looking for some outfits for the occasion so here are my picks. Topshop is killing it right now so almost all of my picks are from there.

If you're a fan of the flower crown but don't want to over do it with an enormous bouquet on your head, you might like to go for something slightly more subtle like this one from Topshop for £14 which you can find here. I would definitely try and rock this look this year!

Combining 2 of this seasons biggest trends: crochet and fringe, this suede cardigan is perfect to throw over a little sundress. Also it will go with anything as it is black! It is from Topshop and is a little pricey at £65. Find it here.

If you're looking for a new pair of shorts make sure they're these pom pom beauties from Topshop. They're £32 and you can buy them here.

Smock dresses might not be your thing but I personally love this cream boho style tassel dress, again from Topshop. It is £46 go get it here.

I might have to do a whole separate post on kimonos because i am loving them right now! This one is perfect, I'm going to have to make a purchase. It's from Topshop and if you want it too click here. It's £33

It wouldn't be a Festival post without sunglasses! These velvet pink ones are so cute and are perfect for the summer. The shape of these would also suit any face shape. Of course they're from Topshop, they're £18 and you can find them here. P.s. have you ever worn velvet sunglasses?

This is one of my favourite picks and confirms Topshop are killing it. If you can't control the weather you can at least keep dry and still be able to see what you're wearing under this awesome clear pastel trim mac. You guessed it it's from Topshop. (last one, promise) It's £40 and you can get it here.


Last but not least these are the reason I made this post. I spotted these gorgeous pastel coloured wellington boots from Missguided and they are perfect! And for £20 you can't really complain. Get the pink ones here. The mint ones here, and the yellow ones here.

Hope you liked these picks! Which is your favourite? Thanks for reading,

Abiee x

Abiee Lucas