Sunday, August 23, 2015

Collective Haul

Hey guys! It's Sunday so what better way to spend this lazy, rainy, dismal day than reading my new blog post :-) This week I've been rinsing my bank balance on some nice little items for my Autumn wardrobe. This is a collective haul as I did a bit of this shopping online from ASOS and also went shopping with my friend Jess on Friday so we did a lot of damage in Primark. Here we go:

These are from New Look and I think they're so cute. I actually only bought them so I could wear them with my new suede skirt but I actually think I might get quite a bit of wear out of them as they have a really great sized heel; not too high but gives me the right amount of height. (I'm all about the height as I'm barely 5ft 3!) These were £27.99 and they are ridiculously comfortable. 

  • White Top
This is just a really simple white top from Primark. It was just £6 and I bought it for the simple fact that I don't have anything white!! 90% of my wardrobe is black so I thought it was about time I threw in something white. It's really soft and comfortable to wear because I bought a size up because I'm all about the loose fit, however my only problem with it is that it is pretty sheer so I will only be able to wear a nude bra beneath it as even a white bra looks stupid.

  • Black & White Striped Top
If you know me well enough you will know that I'm obsessed with stripes, I have so many striped tops but I can't seem to get enough. This was the first item in Primark that I found and I threw it in my basket straight away and I l-o-o-o-o-o-ve it so much. I wore it on a night out last night with black skinny jeans and It's definitely my new favourite piece. I believe this was only £6 too.

I love these babies. They're from ASOS and they were £50 but they're on sale now for £35. They're by a brand called London Rebel whom I'd never previously heard of before but they're such great quality and so comfortable. I originally only bought them so I could have a new pair of smart work shoes but I'm definitely going to be wearing them a lot. I have a bit of a love affair with monk straps as I quite like a bit of masculine chic. In fact my boyfriend has so many pairs himself I copied him and now I have 2 pairs :-) (my old ones were from H&M and I've worn them to death)

  • Navy & White Collared Top
Another piece from Primark this has the appearance of layering a navy knit over a white shirt. Again I bought this for work and I love it but I loved the price even more - just £10. Jess got the same in grey which looks just as good as navy!

I really like a bit of mustard (not the condiment - yuck!) and I realised I actually don't have anything in this colour.. again, too much black. I absolutely adore Monki as a brand anyway so I always know whatever I buy from them is going to fit right, feel great and look fab so I didn't hesitate in purchasing this. It's made from jersey so it feels so soft and the oversized fit is perfect. Although my boyfriend said I look like a T4 presenter wearing it ha ha, whatever that means.. And he also said I look like Hufflepuff.. but Hufflepuff colours are yellow and black not yellow and blue ;) Oh yeah and it was only £15!

  • Black Joggers
Another thing I noticed that I don't have in my wardrobe.. any joggers! I mean.. some days, much like today, I want to have a lazy day and wear really comfy clothes; thus, I bought some cheap joggers - which if I remember correctly I think they were £8!

I've seen so many of these A-line skirts around lately - I think it's the "70s trend" - which if I'm being really honest.. I'm not a massive fan of. *covers face* Don't hate me! So I didn't know if this style would be flattering on me or not but I thought I'd bite the bullet and give one a go and I actually like it. It's slightly longer on me than I personally prefer (y'know, short girl problems) but I think it's quite smart for work so it might grow on me. (was that a pun? grow? I don't know..) It was £14.99 which I thought was pretty good as it looks and feels expensive. 

  • Blue Checked Pyjama Bottoms
Another Primark purchase, there's not much I can say about these other than they're super comfy! I absolutely love pyjama bottoms that have pockets and... they had pockets; I was sold! Also I think they were £6.

I've never been big on wearing jeans, ever in my life really (apart from my "emo" stage in year 7) I've always preferred wearing skirts and dresses but lately I have had a change of heart. Since buying the Topshop Leigh jeans earlier this year I felt that maybe I could be a jean lover.. And now I think I am. These jeans are so comfy and feel excellent quality. They're by Vero Moda which I bought off ASOS along with the Monki top and I just want to wear them every single day. They're so flattering! Also they are marketed as "Jeggings" but they certainly do not feel or look like jeggings as there is not a lot of stretch to them and they are pretty thick - but still feel fine on. The best thing about them was the price, they were supposed to be £22 but they are on sale for just £11!! If you're looking for a new pair of jeans then these should be them.

  • Pink Polka-Dot Brush
What more can I say? It's a brush! It's from Primark and was just £2 and gets my knots out so well. I love big paddle brushes.

We also made a trip to Boots whilst shopping to get some makeup. I had been after this concealer ever since I saw Katerina from Katerina Beauty Blog use it and it looked so good on her. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet but I'm hoping it's as good as the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I will let you know what I think! It was £7.99.

Lastly, this was an item that I've seen soooo many people bang on about so I finally decided to stray away from my trusty bourjois bronzer to this. Again, I haven't used it yet but I'll let you know if I like it or not. It is on offer at Boots at the moment for £4.49

That was it! A bit of a long one but I was in need of some new clothes and who can resist those Primark prices?! Thanks so much for reading, please leave me a comment and let me know what your favourite item from the haul was! Also I want to know what your favourite concealer and bronzer is.
And another thing before I go - my friend Jess has just started her own blog so please go check her out - she's cooler than me!

Abiee x

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  1. I brought the exact same PJ bottoms today and have to admit I was very happy when I spotted the pockets! Cant get over how soft they are! Will be having to wear them tonight!
    Summer x

    1. Yesss I'm wearing mine right now! I love pockets just so I can always keep my phone on me haha :-) Thanks for your comment! xx

  2. Great Haul, I am loving your new boots! I have also just picked up that suede skirt! I can't wait to wear it! xo

    1. Thank you! Ahh it's lovely isn't it! I just need to find something to go with it now :-) xx


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