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My trip to Pompeii

Photography & graphic by me. abieelucas©
At the end of June this year my boyfriend and I went on holiday to Sorrento, Italy. Everyone we had spoken to about Sorrento/Naples and everywhere we researched on the internet told us we must visit the amazing city of Pompeii while we were there and I am so glad we did.

Before we left we had a chat with our holiday rep about booking an excursion with Thomson or going on a tour with another company, we eventually felt that it would be much easier and cheaper for us if we made our own way there and this was the best decision because if we had booked with them it would have ended up costing us about €40+ when we actually ended up only paying around €11! 

So on our chosen day we left quite early and walked a short distance to the train station which was right in the centre of town. The lady at the ticket desk was pretty unhelpful unfortunately and pretty rude but we bought our train fare for just €4! What a steal. The train station was very dated an unkept but also authentic and unlike a train station I've ever seen before. The trains themselves were rustic and although they were nothing like the modern transport we are used to here in the UK, I really loved experiencing them. My favourite part of the train journey was the band than came on and played 'We Speak no Americano' for us. It was loud and fun and nothing I'd ever experienced. Don't get me wrong it was pretty mental... but good mental. It distracted us from the almost unbearable sticky heat and the rock solid plastic seats that gave me a numb butt!

Here's a video of the band on the train:

When we arrived at Pompeii station we found it really easy to find our way around. The first thing we bought was an audio guide. If you're planning on going to Pompeii do not waste your money on one of these. They are only €5 each but we made the mistake of buying one each and we hardly even used them because we couldn't figure out which section was for where we were! We did regret this and wished we bought an actual tour guide. So we ended up attaching ourselves to other people's tour guides instead ha ha! Also before we entered Pompeii we had to buy a ticket. The tickets were around €15 but I got a discounted rate as I am from the EU and I am under 25 so I just showed them my drivers licence and got in for just €7.

As for Pompeii itself.. wow, what a magical place. I can't really put into words profound enough to describe the feeling I got walking around such a vast area with such history at every glance. The place was made up of ancient rocks and ruins that still form the structure of what would have been the Pompeiian houses. It was utterly fascinating witnessing for my own eyes the beautiful structures and being able to just go up and touch anything I wanted. It was incredibly humbling to walk down the streets in which the Pompeiian's built with their very hands only to be left behind for us to view. It was so amazing to see this place that I had only ever seen in pictures. The one thing that I found really poetic was that you could almost always see Mt Vesuvius ruling over the city in all its elegance and supremacy.

You could really spend days and days wandering around the city finding something new everywhere you turn but we kept it short and sweet and decided after a couple of hours exploring we would make our way to the amphitheatre which for me, is what I mainly wanted to see. I have truly never experienced something so magnificent in my life. I was in awe of the architecture and so impressed with how well it still stands today, thousands of years later.

We entered the amphitheatre to be met inside with a giant pyramid homing the casts of bodies that lost their lives in an instant on that historic day when Vesuvius erupted. With mothers clutching onto their children and lovers holding on to each other in their final moments, it brought home how frail human life really is.

In conclusion, this place is not just a tourist attraction, it is a fascinating and beautiful piece of history that I look forward to returning to in the future to explore more of. If you're thinking of going, do not hesitate, you will not regret it.

  1. Don't book an excursion with any company, go by yourself it is much cheaper and easier.
  2. If you're from the EU/under 25 make sure to tell them at the ticket desk for a discounted rate.
  3. Bring a bottle of water with you. You can refill your bottle at one of the many fresh drinking water fountains scattered around. Don't be scared of drinking it, it's probably cleaner than the water we have at home!
  4. If you want to get the most out of the experience buy a tour guide they will take you to all the main parts and will last around 2hrs. If you don't want to spend the money and want to explore yourself then I recommend attaching yourself to someone else's tour guide to learn more. Just don't buy an audio guide.
  5. Wear a hat. In the summer it is BOILING hot and there is hardly any shade so keep the sun off of your head.
  6. Wear light, cool clothing as you will get extremely hot and sweaty. 
  7. Do not take any rocks or souvenirs from the ruins home. You aren't allowed to do this and we should keep the remains as they are for historical purposes and also out of respect.
  8. Please don't take distasteful selfies, people died here! 
  9. Respect your surroundings.
  10. Keep your map that they give you, it's quite easy to get lost but there are always tour guides around to help you find your way.

So that wraps it up, my trip to Pompeii. It was a bit of a long one but I had a lot to say. I really hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it inspires you to go and visit one day. Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me if you would like to visit or if you have visited before!

Thanks so much for reading, you're the best!
Abiee x

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  1. Pompeii looks like such an interesting city. I've always wanted to go there. Not going on a holiday this year, but I might consider visiting Italy next year. Woohoo! X

    1. Oh it was incredible! Yess Italy is such a beautiful country with so many cities that I want to explore! I hope you get the chance to go :-) xx

  2. Lovely post :) I really really want to visit Pompeii! The casts are so sad but terribly touching and fascinating :O Also Sorrento sounds amazing!! :)


    1. Yess I highly recommend you visit if you get the chance! It's one of those places that you will remember forever! so much history! and yesss sorrento was absolutely gorgeous, one of my favourite places in the world :-) Thanks for your comment!! xxx

  3. This looks so interesting! I would love to travel to Pompeii some day xx

  4. I went to Pompeii years ago and loved it :) the whole of Naples is such a beautiful place. I hope you had a lovely time! xx

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