Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly Life Update: Great Send off & Shopaholic

Hey guys! It's that time of week, my weekly life update. I hope you're enjoying this new series on my blog because it's almost like therapy for me to talk to you guys in this laid back manner.

So this week has been super chilled because I still haven't started my new job (I start this Thursday eeek!) and finding things to do when you're out of work can be pretty hard when you have all the time in the world. I honestly don't know how unemployed people do it, I would get so bored. On Monday I recieved my new iPhone 6; I definitely could have waited for the new iPhone coming out next month but for some reason every time I went abroad with my old phone I wasn't able to get service (no matter how many times I contacted vodafone to try and sort it out - it didn't work) and I'm going to Paris next Friday so I need to be able to use a phone! I do really like the look and feel of this phone but to be quite honest there is not much difference from the iPhone 5s it's just a bit bigger. Oh! a part from Apple Pay - which is awesome if you can actually use it anywhere..

I also did a lot of shopping this week. On Friday I went shopping with my friend Jess (go check out her blog she's cool) and if you want to see everything I bought check out my haul blog post. It features Autumn fashion and my signature stripes! And if you didn't think that would be enough shopping I did some more today; not much but I bought a fancy ear cuff and nail polish - neither of those have I tried yet but I'll let you know if I like them. I think I may have a shopping addiction.

This week I also went to the cinema (I've said it before and I'll say it again.. now that I don't work there, paying for films sucks!!) and watched Trainwreck and Paper Towns. Trainwreck was hilarious, I really rate Amy Schumer she's hilarious! However Paper Towns was utterly terrible.. If you haven't read the book or seen the film yet I suggest you don't as it was very disappointing.

The biggest thing that has happened this week was Saturday night I had my send off. It actually wasn't as emotional as I had expected, you know how it is when you've had a drink. However the night was full of laughs and love. I'm actually so disappointed though that I didn't take any pictures as it was such a good night. The only thing I managed to get was a video of some random man serenading me with Westlife.. I'm not sure if that's something you want to see but if you do then go check it out on my Instagram hahaha. I did actually do a lot of snapchatting that night - feel free to add me on snapchat my username is 'abieelucas' I post stories pretty often.

So that's about it for this week. Be sure to check back next Sunday or Monday for my WLU about starting my new job! Also let me know, will you be watching Celeb Big Brother or X Factor this week?? Thanks for reading my lovelies! Be sure to let me know if you like these weekly updates :-)

Abiee x

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  1. These posts are my favourite from you! I think we're very similar!
    I don't even know you personally yet I'm excited for you to start your new job haha! Let me know how your first day goes, I'm sure you'll be fine :)

    I saw that video on Instagram.. That's literally my normal night out ahaha, I actually laughed whilst watching it haha, I've also just added you on good old snapchat!

    1. Aww thank you! I'm really glad you like them because I LOVE writing them! & Aww thank you I definitely will be writing about it! I'm so nervous! I've already started applying for jobs incase I hate it haha.
      Oh it was so funny it went on for a good 10 minutes hahaha. Are you going out for bank holiday Sunday? Crazy/funny things always happen on Bank holiday nights out haha! And yayy Snapchat friends :D xxx

    2. Oh no really?!? Well atleast you've got a back up plan if all does go kaput, but I reckon once you get used to it you'll warm to it!
      Yessss I am! Where I live, so my snapchat will be full of regretful photos/videos, cringing at the thought haha, are you out?! Xxx

    3. Indeed! I applied for a make-up artist role at Bobbi Brown at the new John Lewis opening in Birmingham and also a manager role in H&M in my town, they have gotta be better jobs than a call centre right? hahah!
      Brilliant they're my favourite types of snaps haha! (one time I filmed an apology message for myself in the morning apologising for how drunk i was....) Yesss I'll be out if my friends aren't working! :D Either in my town (which is boring) or Birmingham xxx

    4. Oh wow, yeah I see what you mean.. I know what I'd rather do!
      Ahhah I've also done that! Sign of a good night though I suppose haha xxx

  2. Oh that's interesting. Paper Towns was so highly anticipated by many people, I was wondering if it actually might be a disappointment because everyone had such high hopes.

    Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

    1. I know it was very disappointing. It just really wasn't for me! xx


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