Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Life Update: Leaving my job | Christmas in August?

Hey guys! I've decided I'm going to do a weekly roundup of my week as I don't just want to post about beauty and fashion I really want to incorporate my personal life on here as that's what I enjoy reading on other people's blogs, so I thought maybe you guys would enjoy it too :-) Sometimes they might be quite exciting or interesting or other weeks might be boring but it's.. I guess, real.

So my week has been really weird actually and one I think I'm going to remember forever. On Thursday my time working at Odeon Cinemas came to an end. You might have read my recent life update where I've spoken about getting a new job, well I never thought leaving that place would make me so emotional. I've invested 3 and a half years into that place, but more importantly I've invested it in my co-workers. There have been so many people in those years come and go but I can honestly they (most of them) were the best people I've ever met. Although the job itself was, to say the least.. grating on me; the people there made it all worth it. I had so many laughs with them from playing baseball with movie posters and screwed up balls of paper in the lobby to seeing how long you could last talking in a different accent, it was a really fun place to work a lot of the time. On my last shift I had probably one of the best shifts I've ever had because we just laughed all day, and at the end I was able to take away with me one of the posters on the wall that had been there for probably over 20 years which had illustrations of how to clean up round the back. I loved it. It meant even more to me that a few people had signed the back of it wishing me luck in my future. That moment I had realised people actually care about me and I had made connections for life. They were are like my family. It was hard walking out of those doors at 6pm knowing that was the last time I will be working with those amazing people, although I will still see them a lot, it was still a privilege to have spent so much time with them. When you're in a bit of a crappy situation (most jobs working in retail are) then the people around you can make the situation so much better and knowing you're all in it together it brings you closer. Of course I'm going to miss the free films and discounts etc.. but that all seems insignificant to what I'm really missing out on. In fact I went back this evening to watch a film (ugh paying for films sucks!!) and it felt so strange, like I was an outsider. Yes I sound so over dramatic.. but I miss them already.

Throw back to 3 and a half years ago when I first started.
Anyway enough emotion! I wanted to mention something else that happened this week.. you're going to think I'm crazy but I've already started getting excited for Christmas. Yes, that's right. It happens every single year around this time; the Summer slowly starts fading into Autumn, the temperature starts to dip and I no longer need my fan on to sleep; and I know that soon it's going to be my birthday (I'm going to be 21..eek!) and then it's Halloween.. and then it's Christmas! On Saturday night I stayed in on my own and I watched Love Actually (probably one of, if not the best Christmas film) and I've also been watching Vlogmas videos from various different youtubers. I've even planned out some Christmassy adventures I'm going to have in November/December. (Definitely going to go to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and there's a possibility of going to the Christmas Markets in Berlin, Germany!) You must think I'm so sad haha but it happens every year I can't help it.

So it's currently Monday evening (I'm going to write one of these every Sunday or Monday evening to summarise my week no matter how dull it was) and I'm stressing about starting my new job next Thursday. I need to go shopping for new work clothes, I have no office attire! I hope you guys enjoyed this personal post, please let me know if you'd enjoy reading one of these once a week. Please write me a comment to tell me what you think and tell me what time of year you start to get excited about Christmas (if you do at all!) and let me know of any tips for starting a new job it would really help. :-)

Thanks so much for reading,
Abiee x

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  1. Reading this made me quite emotional for some reason?! Haha!
    It's always sad leaving a job, it's not until you leave you realise all of the little things you miss, that you thought you wouldn't. :( however your new job will hopefully open a whole new window of opportunities that your old job might not have done, it's scary starting somewhere new as everyone else knows what their doing and you're just there like ummmm? But they were once in your position, and you'll make new friends and eventually be confident in what you do. It just takes a little time. Congrats on the job by the way!!

    And I'm ready for Christmas too! I love the build up but find the day a bit crap now, it's not the same when you're all grown up!
    As soon as Xfactor starts I start buying presents, as around Christmas time the prices do go up so id rather buy it early and get a little bit off! I'm Christmas obsessed, the films, the vlogs, I just loveeeee it!

    Also I really liked this post, I quite like reading personal posts, they feel more honest, and I know a bit more about you! Xoxo

    1. Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment Sophie! :-) I know yeah I NEVER would have thought I would be so emotional about leaving because every day I would just complain about how much I wanted to leave haha! Indeed I needed to make the jump and just go :-) Thank you for the support!
      And I completely agree!! The whole build up to Christmas is sooo exciting and fun but the actual day isn't as fun.. but I think it will be when I eventually have children of my own :-) Ooh yes you've just reminded me I'm actually going to be able to watch X factor this year because I always used to work Saturday nights but now I don't! :D haha!
      Thanks again! I'll look forward to writing more about my life and so you can get to know me even more!! Xx

  2. Can't imagine what it's like leaving. Can totally see why one would get emotional despite how you may have felt day to day! Well best of luck in the future and I always find round up posts quite motivational myself! X

    Shopping day attire on-

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yeah it was such a strange feeling! I really surprised myself, but as they say - onwards and upwards :-)
      And I do as well!


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