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Hey guys! I have been tagged by my fabulous friend Jess to do The Fall/Autumn Tag. I'm really excited to talk about this because it is my favourite season for many reasons. 1. It's my birthday month! 2. Halloween! 3. It's cold enough to layer clothes and wear pretty jackets and scarves but not so freezing that you refuse to leave the house. Let's get on with it shall we..

1. Favourite Candle

What a great start, I honestly cannot answer this one because of one simple reason.. I don't use candles! I can almost hear all of the beauty bloggers over the world recoiling in horror as I say that and praying that I at least use Lush bath bombs. (I've used a few don't worry!) But as I still live with my parents right now they definitely would not trust me with candles. I honestly don't blame them.. I am ridiculously clumsy. But If I had a think about it I would definitely choose something woody and musky, or perhaps something Christmassy.

2. Favourite Lip Colour

This is my favourite question because I go mad for a dark lip. Dark lips are my thaang. (Do people still say 'thang'?) I'm loving the cheap and cheerful 'Starry-Eyed' by Rimmel at the moment because it's the perfect dark lip to wear in the day as it's not too scary. However I have been compared to Morticia Addams while wearing is but maybe that's the look I'm going for? I would recommend using a lip liner for this one, in fact I'd probably recommend a lip liner for any dark lip!

rimmel starry-eyed lipstick dark lip
Image pulled from FeelUnique.com

3. Favourite Drink

Okay so I'm really starting to realise how boring I am.. I don't like any hot drinks. Well, I say that but I just hate coffee. And it's annoying because I really want to like coffee! The only thing that I will drink is a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. I guess that's coffee, right? I don't mind hot chocolate and I guess that's Autumn/Winter-y? In fact my friend who works in Costa made his own drink and made me try it - it was a hot chocolate with mint and white chocolate syrup with cream on top, chocolate sauce and golden sprinkles. It wasn't even like drinking a hot drink it was like drinking a heart attack.. but a tasty one. To answer this question.. I really don't know!!

caramel macchiato from starbucks
Image pulled from Starbucks.com

4. Favourite Blush

This is a really tough one because I honestly don't get how blush can be Autumnal. I sound like a really bad beauty blogger. I think I tend to associate blush with Spring/Summer because they are usually pink colours. If I had to choose I would say the blush that I'm currently using - Elizabeth Arden blush in Tea Rose as it's more of a dusky deep pink than a bright pink.

elizabeth arden blusher in tea rose from debenhams
Image pulled from Debenhams.com

5. Favourite Clothing Item

Can I say something that I don't actually own yet? Well I am anyway! For my birthday this Sunday my Mum has bought me a Burberry cashmere scarf, eek!! I'm so excited to receive it and wear it throughout the whole Autumn Season as it is camel which is going to go with everything! I will have to take lots of pictures when I get it :-)

camel check burberry cashmere scarf
Image pulled from uk.Burberry.com
6. Favourite Movie

It has to be The Nightmare Before Christmas! Is it a Christmas film or is it a Halloween film? Who cares because I watch Christmas films in August anyway ;-) I love it so much and I want to dress as Sally this year for Halloween. I also love Jess' choice for this question - Hocus Pocus is amazing.

nighmare before christmas poster
Image pulled from Google Images

7. Favourite TV Show

For this time of year what other show could it be than American Horror Story!? It's such a fantastic show - the acting, the writing, the direction, the production, the camera work, the costumes, the editing, the music. Everything is amazing and I'm not surprised with how popular it has become. My favourite season had to be Asylum I watched it over and over. However the last season they did I struggled to get into and still need to finish. I'm looking forward to the next season with Lady Gaga in it!

american horror story poster asylum
Image pulled from Google Images

8. Favourite Thanksgiving Food

Well I am from the UK and we don't have Thanksgiving over here unfortunately - I wish we did though. So I thought about what we have for Christmas dinner instead (and I'm assuming the food is similar, correct me if I'm wrong) and my favourite part of that is the potatoes - I'm a carb fangirl.

9. Favourite Halloween Costume

Do you know what, I really have never made enough of an effort with Halloween but I really want to! Last year I went as a devil.. I say that, I just wore a red dress and horns. I think in regards to others' Halloween Costumes my favourite one I have seen is when Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo did a tutorial for Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice! It looked awesome and I'd love to do that myself.

Halloween costume, devil, abieelucas
My terrible effort at a halloween costume last year. ©abieelucas
Sam Chapman Pixiwoo Miss Argentina Beetlejuice
Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo) as Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice

I Tag..

There you are guys, sorry I gave a lot of bad answers for some of these but I would love to hear your answers to some of them! Let me know your favourite things about Autumn. Thanks so much for reading.

Abiee x

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