Friday, September 11, 2015

The Love / Hate Tag

Hey guys! So I have been tagged by the wonderful Sophie to do the Love/Hate tag. (You must check her blog out she is loveliest and her posts are on point.) The rules are that you must simply state 10 things you love and 10 things you hate; then tag other bloggers. So here it goes...


  1. Travelling. There is nothing better than experiencing and immersing yourself in a new culture and learning about the world around us.
  2. Bad TV. This probably sounds a little weird but my guiltiest pleasure is watching car crash television. For example I love watching Big Brother, X Factor, Jerseylicious - all of those bad shows! But I also love the slightly better shows like The Apprentice and Bake off. I just love TV really..
  3. Make-up. Sounds like a pretty obvious one considering I write a beauty blog.. but I feel like make-up is my life. And I know that I want to work in the beauty industry in some way or another. 
  4. Tom Hanks. My all time favourite actor! Need I say more?
  5. Film. I have always loved movies, watching them and even trying to make them myself. I studied Media Studies for a year in sixth form before doing Graphic Design in college and I actually loved it. I have a passion for filming and editing and love it just as much as watching films. I honestly could probably write a list of 100 of my favourite films, I may have to actually do that one day.
  6. Christmas. Oh my god I absolutely adore Christmas and everything about it. When it gets darker earlier, thick warm jumpers, fuzzy socks, buying presents for people, watching christmas films, putting up the decorations. I don't think I'll ever grow out of it.
  7. Family guy. It is just the best thing to ever grace my television. If you want to know what taste in humour I have, watch family guy. If you like it, we would get on :-) 
  8. Alone time. I absolutely love hanging out with my friends and family; I'm definitely a sociable person, however there's nothing quite like having some alone time and reading a good book in peace and quiet.
  9. Rubik's cubes. I have mastered the Rubik's cube! I think my record of solving it is around 1 minute - which is ages compared to some people but I was very proud of myself for being able to do this haha. However I recently bought a special Mona Lisa Rubik's cube from the Louvre in Paris and it's proving waaaaaay harder to solve because all of the pieces have to be the right way around whereas the standard cube it doesn't matter.. I'm determined to conquer it. 
  10. Burberry. Ugh I love it so much, my ultimate favourite designer brand.


  1. People talking during a movie. Shut up!!
  2. Being ignored or being talked over. It is the height of rudeness.
  3. The Kardashians. This may be very unpopular, but honestly.. I do not care. Every time I see someone write something on twitter or facebook about the Kardashians or their lives or their stupid TV shows I just want to express to them how much I do not care about them. I literally.. could not care less about them. Rant over.
  4. Judgemental people. I'm just gonna put it out there, I don't care what race, gender, age, sexuality, religion, shape, size you are. If you're nice then I'll like you and I hate people who judge others based on any of those factors. 
  5. Long car journeys. I kinda stole this one from Sophie but I can't stand them!! I get so travel sick unless I am driving.
  6. My hair. I could write a whole blog post on how annoying my hair is but just know this.. it is annoying.
  7. Animal cruelty. Need I explain? It sickens me.
  8. That I'm crap at taking naps. I just can't nap! If I do then I wake up feeling sick and confused. Does anyone else get that?
  9. Wrinkly hands after baths/showers. This has always been a thing for me ever since I was really little. I hate the feeling of my hands being wrinkly and when they are, the thought of touching paper makes me want to cry!! As soon as I get out the bath/shower I have to moisturise straight away I can't even touch the towels properly! Is this weird?
  10. Public transport. I'm sorry if this sounds snobby but I absolutely despise public transport. When I used to have to get the bus to sixth form every day it was the absolute worst and it actually made me more determined to pass my driving test. Trains are the same for me, I feel like I shouldn't touch anything because you don't know who else has touched it and where their hands have been! That being said though I think the London underground system is an absolutely amazing system. Still makes me feel dirty though!
And there we are! I have just shown the world how weird I am - hooray, ha ha :-) Here are my nominations.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this tag. Let me know in the comments below 1 thing you love and 1 thing you hate, I'd love to know :-) See you in my next post! 

Abiee x

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  1. hahah im the same with public transport too, I don't think id ever get on a bus again now I can drive haha xx

    1. Haha same here! It's just the worst! D: xxx

  2. I also dislike when people talk in movies!!! lol
    Thanks for tagging me in this :) I might give it a go.

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

    1. Haha it's so annoying!! No probs! Yayy :D xxx


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