Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring Wishlist

Aaaand the winner of the worst blogger award goes to me! It has been 6 months since I last blogged - that's really bad. I have missed it so much and I cannot tell you how many times I said to myself "today is the day I go back to blogging" and it just never happened. Right now felt like the right time to come back as my blog has officially been live for a year now and I'm getting so much inspiration for new content now we are in Spring. So let's hope I actually keep it up this time.

I'm back today with a simple wishlist for Spring. I'm feeling mainly soft colours, light materials and minimal designs.

ZARA Contrast Sweater £19.99

TOPSHOP Bandana Print Co-ord £62 (Top £30 Shorts £32)

COS Wide Neck Top £55

ADIDAS Stan Smith £67

Just a short and sweet post, something simple to return with, hope you liked these Spring picks. Let me know what's on your wishlist! Also thank you to my loyal readers for being patient :-)

Abiee x

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